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Please note we do not sell helium gas, balloon kits or loose balloons. Why? Because although helium cylinders are rated for a certain quantity of balloons, you have to be careful to achieve this quantity. If you overfill or waste any gas you won't get the full number of balloons.

We do supply balloons fully blown up with helium and a ribbon. We can also deliver them to your function for a small charge or for free when you hire a Jukebox or Karaoke machine.

What you order is what you get - if you order 50, we give you 50 - guaranteed!

We use large 28cm balloons, not the little 25cm ones as they stay up longer and look better. We also use large helium gas cylinders to keep the cost down.

Many people think blowing up the balloons themselves with a kit saves money. You do the sums. For example a "C" size cylinder balloon kit will blow up 50 x 25cm balloons and costs between $40 and $60. We can supply you with 50 x 28cm balloons already blown up, with helium and a ribbon for $55. We can deliver them for a small fee or for FREE when you also hire a Jukebox or Karaoke machine. 

Our prices are very competitive. For example a popular discount department store sells a "30" printed balloon blown up with helium for $1.79 ea, our price is $1.45. For a 50 balloon helium cylinder they charge $48 or for a 50 balloon kit $55. We charge $55 for 50 balloons already blown up for you. For $5 or $10 more (or free with a jukebox or karaoke machine) we will deliver them to your function for you! Think about the time it takes to go and pickup the kit, blow the balloons up (on the day of the party when you probably have a few other things to do) and return the cylinder. Think about it - is doing it yourself worth only saving a few dollars?


Description Unit Price
Balloons - metallic 28cm blown up with helium & ribbon. ea $1.30
Balloons - metallic 28cm blown up with helium & ribbon. 50 $55
Balloons - metallic 28cm blown up with helium & ribbon. 100 $100
Delivery - inside Shellharbour/Oak Flats/Windang area   $10
Delivery - inside Bulli/Albion Park/Kiama area   $20
Delivery - other areas   Ask
Delivery - with any Karaoke/jukebox hire   FREE!

Note: We only sell blown up balloons. All balloons must be ordered and paid for prior to the function date.